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Project Lakhouse - Tour the Project

Introducing Project Lakhouse, a condominium unit with stunning water views that we were honoured to design and decorate. Through the fusion of neutrals, textures, and a design aesthetic infused with African elements, we created a luxurious and inviting environment for our exceptional clients.

When it came to styling the entryway, we integrated the client's entry table and rug, which complemented the dark paint color perfectly, resulting in a stunning sight when entering the space. The spacious hallway provided an ideal spot for showcasing artwork, guiding visitors seamlessly into the interconnected dining, kitchen, and living areas, all boasting breathtaking floor-to-ceiling water views that never fail to impress.

When you enter the open concept living area, you will find the dining space, along with the kitchen and living room. Decorated with a combination of neutrals and textures, this area is perfect for our clients who enjoy hosting gatherings and relaxing after a busy week. The kitchen has so much to offer - from panel ready appliances, beautiful brass accents that compliment the white and wood tones and, of course, the stunning natural stone countertops and backsplash.

Styling shelves can sometimes feel a bit daunting - Do we have enough decor pieces? Is there enough visual interest? Is more better? To decorate the bar, we incorporated a variety of eclectic pieces to enhance the laid back elegant feel, along with vintage glassware and decor. We utilized bar-themed books to add varying heights and create visual interest, providing depth to the shelves. Don't feel like you need to get it right on the first try because you never will - it takes a lot of stepping back and analyzing what works and what doesn't.

The primary bedroom and ensuite in Project Lakhouse was designed to be a space where everything felt peaceful and retreat like. We brought in soft linen neutrals to create a quiet ambiance, while carefully selected textiles and decor to make the space feel serene. We integrated our clients' antique nightstands which helped ground the light upholstered bed and contrast against all of the light bedding. Adding automated blinds makes the bedroom the ultimate retreat, offering a peaceful haven to escape the everyday hustle and bustle. The ensuite features a textured, patterned tile behind the natural wood vanity and brass accents.

- Lidia & team


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