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As founder and principal designer, Lidia van Zyl leads her team with a well-traveled perspective.

If you look closely, you will find influences from Lidia's own personal history woven into the soulful spaces she designs—specifically, nods to her African roots and affinity for French sensibility. Her work is a gallery of hand-crafted, sustainably sourced, antique, and one-of-a-kind elements.

Even so, her collected and cultured approach is most evident in the intimate and honest way that she and her team collaborate with their clients—distilling their vision, telling their stories, and enhancing their everyday lifestyle in a way best described as lived-in luxury.

Lidia Headshot.jpg

"For us, design is not only an acquired skill but also (and maybe more importantly), a natural instinct. It's the ability to recognize quality, identify potential, and put together pieces in a way that appears both intentional and effortless. It’s an appreciation for the smallest details while having the talent to make them come together for a functional and beautiful end result."

-Lidia van Zyl

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