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5 Ways to Get Your Space Ready for Summer 

Summer is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to freshen up your space to get it summer-ready. Here are 5 tips to help you create a vibrant, inviting and functional outdoor area for the season. Be sure to read to the end to shop all of our favorites!

front porch exterior styling

  1. Freestanding Foliage

Bring a touch of nature to your outdoor spaces with seasonal foliage in gorgeous oversized clay pots. Statement pieces like these allow you to easily move and change plants around throughout the year, ensuring your garden stays vibrant and fresh. Choose plants that thrive in your garden and bring color and life to your outdoor space. We love these antique-style pots from Hauer Market available through us - the more aged, the better! Consider grouping different sizes and shapes together for a cohesive and visually captivating arrangement. Adding plant stands or urns can also create varying heights, adding dimension to your space.

Pots Antique

2. Marco, Polo!

Ensure your guests can easily find your home by highlighting your house number or address plaque. A stylish, well-lit address sign not only adds to your home's curb appeal but also guides your guests right to your door. Consider unique designs or materials that complement your home's exterior for a personalized touch. We love these modern house numbers from Schoolhouse. To make it even more inviting, add some potted plants or a small garden around the base of the sign, and ensure the area is well-lit with pathway lights for added visibility at night.

Modern House Numbers

3. Dedicated Spaces

Transform your outdoor area into a comfortable and inviting space for entertaining. Create distinct areas for lounging and dining to make the most of your outdoor space. Don’t forget to include a shaded spot to escape the midday sun. Comfortable seating, weather-resistant furniture, and a well-defined layout will make your outdoor area a favorite spot for gatherings. Check out La Moquette for the Valdes Water Glass to serve cold refreshments at your table. Adding an outdoor rug can define the dining area, while cushions and throws can add comfort and style to the lounging space. Consider incorporating a small bar cart for easy access to drinks and snacks.

Left: Rainsford Company, Right: Studio McGee

4. Light up the Night

Extend your outdoor enjoyment into the evening with strategic lighting. String lights, lanterns, and solar-powered path lights create a warm and inviting ambiance. Good lighting ensures your outdoor space remains functional and safe after the sun sets, perfect for late-night gatherings or quiet, cozy evenings under the stars. These are our favorites from Costco. To enhance the ambiance, consider adding dimmers to control the light intensity. You can also use lanterns with battery-operated candles for a flickering, romantic glow. Lighting up trees or architectural features can create dramatic effects and highlight your landscaping.

Outdoor string lights LED

5. Fire & Water

Incorporate natural elements like fire pits or fire tables to keep warm on cool nights and add a cozy focal point for your outdoor space. Water features such as fountains or streams add a calming ambiance with the soothing sound of flowing water. These elements enhance the aesthetic appeal and create a serene environment for relaxation and entertainment. For fire elements, consider options that double as tables when not in use, providing additional functionality. For water features, ensure they are placed near seating areas so you can enjoy the tranquil sounds.

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We hope these tips inspire you to create an outdoor space that’s perfect for summer. Enjoy the warm weather and happy decorating!

- Lidia & team


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