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Five tips for Holiday Decorating

Decorating your home for the holidays long before Christmas day is all about creating a sense of anticipation and prolonging the festive season – and we’re all for it! Below we share tips and tricks to allow you to enjoy every moment that leads up to the day we finally hear those snow bells ringing!

Tip #1: Go with your existing colour scheme

If you only take one of the following tips to heart, it should be this one. Use your existing colour scheme as a starting point and elaborate on that with the holiday decor items you add. There is no need to go with the typical red and green theme, instead make it more interesting and personal. If you stay within your colour scheme, you will be able to create a very cohesive look that flows beautifully and you may not need as many decorative pieces as you might think. Going this route will also allow you to use items around your house which brings us to tip number two.

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Tip # 2: Use items you already have.

There really is no need to spend a fortune every year on holiday decor. Repurpose and reuse what you have. And by that we don’t only mean holiday decor you already have but also regular items. For example, brass, gold, silver, glass or other shiny objects you have can be grouped together to create a festive mood or sparkly vignette. Pairing or even tripling identical pieces creates an eye-pleasing repetition so put a grouping like this together on a mirrored tray, add lights, pine cones or moss and you are good to go! Get your grandma’s antique silver candlesticks from the basement and put them in the foyer with a bowl of pine cones. Don’t be afraid to move furniture and decorative things around in your house. Change artwork to go with the season. Get that painting from the attic of the snow covered cottage or frame a piece of antique music. In the photo below we have swapped out canvas art with a gold antique frame and dressed it up with real greenery. You can also add some texture around the house for a cosier feel. Some of the ways to do that include bringing in velvet or faux fur pillows and adding warm and cosy throws. Do the same in your guest bedrooms if you have company over for Christmas.

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Tip #3: Go fresh!

Nothing beats the look and smell of fresh greenery! Cut from your own garden or buy from your local nursery. To keep fresh greenery lasting longer, soak them in a tub of water before hanging or arranging it. Mist them every other day and it will look great for weeks! Add ribbon to greenery that compliments your colour scheme. You can use the same ribbon throughout your house to tie it all together. Personally, I love velvet ribbon for Christmas. It has a luxurious feel and adds texture. I bought this khaki velvet ribbon for this year to go with my dining chairs and wood beams. Buy a real Christmas tree. Yes, it is more environmentally friendly than a plastic one and smells so good! Be sure to recycle it properly when the season is over.

Tip #4: Less is more

Minimal is the new black. So don’t overdo it over Christmas with cheap holiday decor items but instead opt for fresh, local and impactful. Real moss can be used again and again and greens like boxwood and eucalyptus dry very well. We are proponents of quality over quantity. This rule applies to pretty much everything, but especially to seasonal items. Get something well-made that will match your style and serve a purpose. Choose items that don’t add clutter and can be repurposed year round. For example candles, vases, and bowls. Bonus points if you can shop small and shop local. This has never been more important than in a year like 2021. When you purchase from a small, local business, you are lifting up businesses in your community and helping the environment.

Tip #5: Engage the Senses

Employ all the senses-smell, touch, visual, audio and taste. Use cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices and pomegranate in your decor to compliment the smell of fresh greenery. Don’t forget to add string lights strategically for that magical Christmas feel. LED lights are environmentally friendly and last a long time. Make a playlist on Spotify of everyone’s favourite Christmas tunes and play it softly in the background while sitting by the fire or on full blast while cooking! And then, finally, the Christmas meal when everything comes to conclusion and you can be with the ones you love. Our linen napkins (seen below) are a great staple available in several colours that can be used year round. And finally, here is the recipe to our favourite Christmas dessert and a South African staple: Malva pudding. Merry Christmas!

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