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2022 trends

Trends come and go and even though we believe in classic features and our design philosophy will always be timeless over trends, it admittedly is fun to think about how to incorporate interior design trends into our work while maintaining our own aesthetic. It really isn’t possible to predict all trends with absolute certainty, but we can at least give you our perspective on it. A lot of what we see forecasted for 2022 are iterations of the previous two years. I think this just means that with so much uncertainty around us, we are not ready for big leaps right now. Not necessarily a bad thing! Here are some trends we think you might notice in the design world in 2022:

Colour Trend

We will continue to see some softer muted colours, serene palettes and natural colour schemes. This is likely due to the fact that people, in general, are simply exhausted. An affinity towards soothing greens, blues and earth tones will continue, not only because of aesthetic preferences, but also because natural forms and colours found in nature actually tend to reduce stress and make us feel happier. Be ready to see more olive, moss and terracotta colours—all of these used in tandem with natural elements like wood, stone (with prominent graining), rattan, dried grasses and lots of bamboo to bring nature indoors.Darker wood tones are also on the rise and pair well with the moody paint colours.


Space Planning:

A lot of our work for the past decade has been to decide which walls to remove to create that desirable open plan concept. Well, the past two years have shown us that it is not necessarily the best option when the whole family is home working, studying, cooking, playing or gathering. The new year will bring a growing tendency to design our homes to work better for our current needs. The ever popular open plan concept might be making way for defined living. This means doing away with the open floor plan and instead designating areas more specifically for work, play and other uses. This might change again in the future so better be clever about it and look for creative ways to separate a space or repurpose an existing one, rather than putting a wall up.


Furnishings :

People will continue to pay much more attention to the sensory aspect of interiors. A room needs to feel as good as it looks. Think soft textures and durable, luxurious tactile fabrics. Fortunately, there are so many luxurious performance fabric options out there now, that we don’t have to sacrifice luxury for performance. We will also see more feminine lines in furniture with circular structural elements and gentle curves. And keep an eye out for floral sofas or claim your grandmas’ now before someone else does! With people spending more time than ever at home there will also be a growing emphasis on well designed layered lighting, smells and interesting personal art.


Shopping Local:

The movement toward incorporating vintage finds and upcycling is growing and hopefully here to stay. Not only are you supporting your local market but it is also sustainable. Given the current state of our environment as well as crazy lead times in furnishings, shopping local, vintage or second-hand is just an altogether smart move. At LVZ Design we are always on the hunt for interesting art, objects, furniture and vintage finds to incorporate into our designs.


Our take on trendy:

We think you should do in your own home what you love, what feels comfortable to you and incorporate objects, art and furnishings that tell a story about you and your family. As long as it gives you joy and it functions well for how you operate on a daily basis, you are on trend! And we are here to help if you need it.

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